Red Rocca agree to release Giles Lamb’s new album ‘Hope’

Red Rocca, Accorder Music Publishing’s new label, is set to release Giles lamb’s latest album ‘Hope’.  Red Rocca are focussed on promoting the music for licensing on different media and is a good example of how things are changing in the music industry.

As it gets harder to sell records, one area of the music industry that is rapidly growing is TV and Film music licensing.  Where once either dedicated production music libraries or high profile artists used to get the lions share of license deals – the changing nature of how independent artists are releasing music through digital aggregators such as the Orchard or Tunecore means more niche music is readily available to film makers who are hungry for original, interesting music.  Until recently, media producers would have been put off by the complexities of gaining a license from a myriad of publishing and master rights holders – Now independent artists tend to control both master and publishing and are using online platforms to get there music out making it available to anyone around the world!